Jewellery Remodelling

There’s something truly touching about giving gems passed down through the generations new life. It pays testament to the past and invests your new jewellery with meaning.

Come in and chat to our gemmologists and diamond graders about reworking your jewellery. Make minor adjustments or transform it into an entirely new piece. Appointments are obligation-free.


Chipped or damaged stones?

Speak to our friendly staff about the possibility of utilising our polishing service to address surface imperfections in your gemstones.


Jewellery Repair

When a piece of jewellery with sentimental value is damaged, it can be heartbreaking. Our experienced craftsmen are skilled in the art of restoration, from broken claws and clasps to replacing lost stones, resizing and structural reinforcements.

We do the full spectrum of jewellery repairs – from simple adjustments to polishing and resetting. Come and chat to our experienced craftsmen for a complimentary quote.

Take advantage of our professional service and expert advice to resurrect your favourite jewellery items.