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Accurate valuations and
professional auction service

Our Jewellery Valuation Service

Have your jewellery appraised by our award-winning gemmologists and diamond graders and receive an accurate assessment of their value in a timely fashion. Our experienced valuers provide jewellery certification for the purposes of insurance, probate or inheritance. 

Register your unwanted jewellery for our upcoming auctions

Rehome your surplus jewellery with the assistance of our trained auctioneers. Make an appointment to have your items appraised and we’ll provide you with practical auction estimates and reserve prices. Talk to our friendly staff about our upcoming auction dates.

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Considering investing in diamonds or precious gems?

Receive expert professional advice and assistance in the procurement of exceptional diamonds and precious gems. Investment-quality diamonds and gemstones make a valuable addition to your superannuation portfolio.

Speak to our gem experts about procuring a superior stone through our international network. We can also assist with the safekeeping and sale of investment-quality gems for superannuation purposes.