David Benn Fine Jewellery

Trade In Your Gold and Support a Local Industry

Although the rest of the world might be struggling, it does provide you with an opportunity to take advantage of the resulting high gold prices, trade in your old gold and support a local industry.

We will accept your old gold as a trade in, not only on any new piece of jewellery, but also on any commission job, remodeling work, repair or valuation. We promise to pay you the full wholesale rate for your gold, take no commission and either transfer the funds into your account or reduce the cost of the work undertaken.

And, best of all, because your old gold will be refined, recycled and reused in the Australian jewellery trade, you will be helping maintain a sustainable local manufacturing industry.
Check your jewellery boxes now for overlooked jewels or neglected hand-me-downs and put them to good use to create, remodel or repair a brand new piece of heirloom jewellery. Call us now on (02) 9299 1117 and we will provide a quote for your old gold.