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Zoom Meeting Pearls

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My girlfriend has a special lockdown Zoom meeting outfit. She does her hair, adds a little makeup and puts on a white silk shirt. She completes the top half of her outfit with a pair of my Australian South Sea Circle Pearl Earrings.

The bottom half of her outfit is my old tracksuit pants tucked into my Ugg Boots.

After her last Zoom meeting I mentioned I was thinking of buying her a pair of tracksuit pants and Ugg Boots of her own. She looked up from her laptop and smiled, 'That's very thoughtful of you Davey, but I'd prefer another pair of pearl earrings.

Prior to the recent lockdowns here in Sydney we put into production quite a few pairs of Australian South Sea Circle Pearl Earrings.

With an exceptional lustre, these pearls have beautiful organic shapes and are set on 18ct white, yellow and rose gold shepherd hooks. Usually priced at $1,290 until the end of August you can have your very own pair of super-cute Australian South Sea Circle Pearl Earrings for just $1000.

Yes, so much better than tracksuit pants and Ugg Boots.

No two pairs of these pearls are alike. Please call me on 0419 477 583 and I will send you the pair of your choice so you are able to try them on prior to purchase.