David Benn Fine Jewellery

A Day in Moree

The black soil plains west of Moree are spectacularly flat. The only reason you know they don't extend forever is that the sun eventually sinks beneath them.

I will be at The Town & Country Club on Friday the 5th of July from 10am with a beautiful selection of Diamonds, Pearls and fine handmade jewellery if you want to have a perusal, play dress up or perhaps even take home a little treasure.

Repairs and Remakes

If your jewels need some care and attention please bring them in while I am at Henry's. We will be able to assess what repairs need to be completed. I will be happy to provide all the design and stylist advice you might like if you're considering breathing new life into your jewels

Consignments and Appraisals

I will also be consigning jewels for auction and providing appraisals while I am in town. So, if you would like to know what your jewels would achieve at auction please make an appointment for Saturday the 29th of June.