David Benn Fine Jewellery

Halfway to Diamond Earrings

If you have ever inherited an old diamond ring (which you never wear) or own a single diamond earring; then you might be in luck! These loose diamonds have real value since they are one half of a pair of new diamond earrings.

If you supply us with a single diamond we will happily match it with another stone to allow you to make a pair of diamond stud earrings. While there will be a charge for the new diamond, the cost of making a pair of studs is minimal and you will have a pair of diamond earrings you will enjoy wearing for many years.

We are able to match stones of any size and, with a supply of older cut stones, we are able to match stones of any age as well. Empty your jewellery boxes, rifle through your sock draws, find those unmatched diamonds and you will be halfway to a pair of brand new diamond earrings.