David Benn Fine Jewellery

Spring Jewellery Auctions

The image above shows the Third Imperial Egg created by
Faberge for Tsar Alexander III as an 1887 Easter gift for his wife Tsarina
Maria Feodorovna. It was thought to be lost to history until purchased by a
scrap dealer at a jumble sale for US$14,000. It subsequently sat on a kitchen
shelf for years until he worked out what it was. The egg was sold for an amount
in the vicinity of US$30 million.

The reality is an occurrence like that may happen once in a

However, a well organised and well bid auction is an
outstanding way of releasing capital from any precious jewels you no longer

I am now consigning items for our forthcoming Spring
Jewellery Auctions. I am looking to consign every level of jewellery; from
silver and semi-precious stones to fine diamonds and handmade pieces. So, with
a high gold price and a buoyant auction market, now is the time to determine
which of your little treasures you would like to rehome.

If you live in a regional centre, I would be happy to
organise a jewellery valuation day in your town. I will bring my microscope,
scales and other gemmological equipment in order to provide an accurate
appraisal for any piece you might like to show me. I will be able to consign
your jewels on the day and take them back to Sydney. As usual, your jewels will
be covered by my insurance whilst they are in my care.

If you're one of our city clientele then now is the time to
go through your jewellery box and see if you have any items you would like to
set free. I would be happy to provide you with an appraisal here in our