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A Pretend Tahitian Holiday

The morning sun beating down on the windows and heating our small Kirribilli apartment was the first sign of the approaching spring. It made my girlfriend long for the lost freedoms of springtimes past.

I want to go on a holiday somewhere warm and sunny,’ she sighed.

I scratched the back of my head. ‘If I get the deck chair out of the cupboard and you put on your bikini then you can sit in the sun and pretend you’re on holiday.’

She stared at me for a few seconds then agreed. I set up the deck chair in the sun beside the window and my girlfriend returned in bikinis, sarong and sunglasses.

Stretching out on the striped canvas of the chair, she slipped her Tahitian Pearl Shepherd Hook Earrings into her ears. ‘These always make me feel like I’m somewhere tropical.’

I leaned against the wall and crossed my arms. ‘Do you feel like you’re on holiday?’

‘Not quite.’ She turned and looked at me over the top of her sunglasses. ‘I don’t suppose you could pull on a grass skirt and make me a Mai Tai?’

There is something beautiful and exotic about Tahitian Pearls that evokes visions of palm trees silhouetted by pink and orange sunsets. Warm tropical evenings heavy with the scent of frangipani and hibiscus. Afternoons walking hand in hand along lonely white sand beaches.

But until you’re there, the next best thing is wearing a pair of our 18ct gold Tahitian Pearl Shepherd Hook Earrings. Set on white and rose gold hooks, the pearls come in 10mm round and drop shapes.

And the best part is until Friday the 10th of September our Tahitian Pearl Earrings are discounted at 20% off. Usually $2000, you can have your very own pretend Tahitian holiday for $1600.

All pearls are slightly different. Please call me on 0419 477 583 and I will send you the earrings so you are able to try them on prior to purchase.

Zoom Meeting Pearls

My girlfriend has a special lockdown Zoom meeting outfit. She does her hair, adds a little makeup and puts on a white silk shirt. She completes the top half of her outfit with a pair of my Australian South Sea Circle Pearl Earrings.

The bottom half of her outfit is my old tracksuit pants tucked into my Ugg Boots.

After her last Zoom meeting I mentioned I was thinking of buying her a pair of tracksuit pants and Ugg Boots of her own. She looked up from her laptop and smiled, ‘That’s very thoughtful of you Davey, but I’d prefer another pair of pearl earrings.

Prior to the recent lockdowns here in Sydney we put into production quite a few pairs of Australian South Sea Circle Pearl Earrings.

With an exceptional lustre, these pearls have beautiful organic shapes and are set on 18ct white, yellow and rose gold shepherd hooks. Usually priced at $1,290 until the end of August you can have your very own pair of super-cute Australian South Sea Circle Pearl Earrings for just $1000.

Yes, so much better than tracksuit pants and Ugg Boots.

No two pairs of these pearls are alike. Please call me on 0419 477 583 and I will send you the pair of your choice so you are able to try them on prior to purchase.

Kirribilli Moonrise

The image above was taken from Kirribilli at 5.59pm on Saturday the 26th of June just before The Emerald City went into lockdown.

We had lots of practice last year of keeping a business running during a lockdown. So, I will be attending the office by myself to keep an eye on your jewels while Sarah and the rest of our craftsmen will be working from home.

I will be available to answer your calls, text messages and emails. All deliveries are fully covered by our insurance.

The next two weeks will offer the perfect opportunity to ask us about those jewellery repairs, remodelling, restringing or valuations that you have been thinking about.

Please call or text me on 0419 477 583 and together we’ll work something out.

The Upside of Lock Downs

Up until the COVID19 lockdowns of 2020 our standard diamond stud earrings were component manufactured. That is, we purchased the four claw coronets from an Italian manufacturer, attached the posts and butterflies and then set the diamonds before giving them a final polish. The Italian coronets were an elegant design and were very well made.

As soon as Italy went into lockdown, out Italian manufacturer ceased production. They couldn’t supply us and weren’t able to tell us when production would start again… if ever.

Because of questionable quality and politics we disregarded sourcing coronets from China.

So, in the midst of the great Australian lockdowns, with some time on our hands and a little ‘job keeper’ in our pockets, we set about designing and manufacturing the perfect diamond stud earring.

The perfect diamond stud earring sits the diamond close to the ear.

The perfect diamond stud earring has four discreet claws that do not obscure the form of the diamond, ensuring the elegance of the jewel, and yet are robust enough for the stud to last a long, long time. Perhaps your whole life.

The claws of the perfect diamond stud earring push the diamond onto the under rail of the coronet. This secures the diamond in the setting and places the under rail under the girdle of the stone so when the stud in on the ear, all you see is diamond. As you can see from this image of our very own perfect Australian made diamond stud.

But, aren’t all diamonds set so they sit on the under rail? Well, no they’re not. The image below shows a diamond stud earring purchased from a large internet jeweller.

If you look closely, you are able to see the diamond is held by the four claws but they’re not pushing the stone onto the under rail. The diamond doesn’t touch the under rail at all. If one of those claws is bent or damaged you can kiss good bye to your diamond.

This is not a rare example. In this age of prefabricated internet jewellery this is the rule rather than the exception.

Because we entirely create all our own diamond studs it gives you the freedom to make changes to the design. We’re able to provide you with yellow or rose gold diamond studs or with longer posts and larger butterflies if you prefer.

And the best part? Our very own perfect and patriotic Australian made diamond studs have ended up costing less than our poncy Italian counterparts.

Would you like your very own pair of perfect diamond stud earrings? Call us today on 02 9299 1117 or mobile 0419 477 583.

Build Your Own Diamond Stud Earrings

In a perfect world there would be an old ring sitting in your sock drawer set with a round brilliant cut diamond of 0.50ct of G colour and SI clarity. You would bring it in to us, we would then match another diamond to your stone and you would walk away with a very sparkly pair of Diamond Stud Earrings.

I agree, the world is rarely perfect for any of us. However, if you do happen to have a diamond ring you never wear or a single diamond stud, then now is the time to bring it in to us and see what kind of diamond stud earrings we can build for you and start 2021 with some brand new jewels.

Start your diamond earring adventure now and call us on (02) 9299 1117 .