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The Upside of Lock Downs

Up until the COVID19 lockdowns of 2020 our standard diamond stud earrings were component manufactured. That is, we purchased the four claw coronets from an Italian manufacturer, attached the posts and butterflies and then set the diamonds before giving them a final polish. The Italian coronets were an elegant design and were very well made.

As soon as Italy went into lockdown, out Italian manufacturer ceased production. They couldn’t supply us and weren’t able to tell us when production would start again… if ever.

Because of questionable quality and politics we disregarded sourcing coronets from China.

So, in the midst of the great Australian lockdowns, with some time on our hands and a little ‘job keeper’ in our pockets, we set about designing and manufacturing the perfect diamond stud earring.

The perfect diamond stud earring sits the diamond close to the ear.

The perfect diamond stud earring has four discreet claws that do not obscure the form of the diamond, ensuring the elegance of the jewel, and yet are robust enough for the stud to last a long, long time. Perhaps your whole life.

The claws of the perfect diamond stud earring push the diamond onto the under rail of the coronet. This secures the diamond in the setting and places the under rail under the girdle of the stone so when the stud in on the ear, all you see is diamond. As you can see from this image of our very own perfect Australian made diamond stud.

But, aren’t all diamonds set so they sit on the under rail? Well, no they’re not. The image below shows a diamond stud earring purchased from a large internet jeweller.

If you look closely, you are able to see the diamond is held by the four claws but they’re not pushing the stone onto the under rail. The diamond doesn’t touch the under rail at all. If one of those claws is bent or damaged you can kiss good bye to your diamond.

This is not a rare example. In this age of prefabricated internet jewellery this is the rule rather than the exception.

Because we entirely create all our own diamond studs it gives you the freedom to make changes to the design. We’re able to provide you with yellow or rose gold diamond studs or with longer posts and larger butterflies if you prefer.

And the best part? Our very own perfect and patriotic Australian made diamond studs have ended up costing less than our poncy Italian counterparts.

Would you like your very own pair of perfect diamond stud earrings? Call us today on 02 9299 1117 or mobile 0419 477 583.

Build Your Own Diamond Stud Earrings

In a perfect world there would be an old ring sitting in your sock drawer set with a round brilliant cut diamond of 0.50ct of G colour and SI clarity. You would bring it in to us, we would then match another diamond to your stone and you would walk away with a very sparkly pair of Diamond Stud Earrings.

I agree, the world is rarely perfect for any of us. However, if you do happen to have a diamond ring you never wear or a single diamond stud, then now is the time to bring it in to us and see what kind of diamond stud earrings we can build for you and start 2021 with some brand new jewels.

Start your diamond earring adventure now and call us on (02) 9299 1117 .

New Jewels for a New year

Jewellery Remodelling. Jewellery Design. David Benn Fine Jewellery, Sydney, Australia.

Its time to breathe new life into your old rings and gemstones. Bring your much loved old jewels into David Benn Fine Jewellery and we will design a beautiful, modern piece using all your diamonds and gems and so retain all the personal investment and sentimentality you have in your old jewellery.

We will provide you with wholesale rates on your old gold to put towards a brand new piece of jewellery that you will enjoy wearing for years. Rings, bangles or earrings – if you envisage it then we will bring it to life.

If you would prefer something new from our Palomino Jewels range then take your old gold out of your jewellery box and we will purchase it all at wholesale rates to help put you into your favourite piece from the collection.

Phone us now on (02) 9299 1117 to discuss your ideas for something new.

This Christmas. This Australia.

Dear Friends

Today there are fewer jewellery shops open than this time last year. So, this Christmas myself, Sarah and our team of craftsmen and artisans thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being our customers and supporting our business. For if we are able to be here this Christmas making beautiful jewellery we are certain to be here next year as well.

 This Christmas we are truly grateful.

Grateful to live in this nation where we can honestly say the values that bind us are greater than those that divide. With this motley crew of cowboys and cricketers, barristers and boat people who answered the call and held the wellbeing of their fellow compatriots above all else. In this great sunburnt land. This lonely island home. This Australia.

We wish all of you a Merry Christmas.

Looking Forward to Christmas

The Queensland border was one hundred yards away but I wasn’t allowed over. So I handed over the jewellery to my Goondiwindi based client while we stood in the dust on the side of the Newel Highway south of the Macintyre River.  I spent the night at a property near Boggabilla, which is where this image was taken.

At the end of 2020 all of us are looking forward to Christmas!

I would like to give you a gentle reminder that if you’re planning on giving something special this Christmas or are thinking of having any remodeling or repair work completed, now might be the time to make an appointment to ensure we are able to deliver the finest jewels and workmanship for you.

Ensure these last few months of the year are truly the best season and call us now on (02) 9299 1117. I wish all of you well and look forward to seeing you over summer.